3rd Party Alarm Monitoring In Tulsa, OK.| Monitoring America Alarm Co-Op

Monitoring America Alarm Co-Op is a monitoring station for alarm companies that provides them with the tools, expertise, and perspective they need to give high-quality service at reasonable prices. Monitoring America provides a wide range of wholesale alarm monitoring services, often known as central station services. Our portfolio of wholesale options offers customers non-traditional RMR opportunities that aren’t available at other monitoring stations.

3rd Party Alarm Monitoring’s Purpose

Monitoring America Alarm Co-Op in Tulsa, OK is a great option for any company that wants to offer its customers high-quality monitoring services but doesn’t want to invest the time and money needed to build a central station. When you work with an independent wholesale alarm monitoring provider like Monitoring America, it allows you to focus on running your business while we handle the dispatch and monitoring.

Areas of Focus

UL-certified monitoring is not required by every customer. Your other customers will benefit from our compliance with this top-tier monitoring station certification. We provide all of the security event monitoring services and value-added services like open/close schedule management that you and your clients expect, plus facilities and equipment.

We’ve teamed up with I-View Now for commercial and DVR video monitoring. Alarm.com video services are recommended for household and non-DVR video monitoring.

Services Offered By Monitoring America Alarm Co-Op:

  • Security Monitoring, Tulsa, OK
  • Life Safety/ Fire Monitoring, Tulsa, OK
  • PERS/ Medical Alert Monitoring, Tulsa, OK
  • Environmental Monitoring, Tulsa, OK
  • Elevator Line, Tulsa, OK
  • Area of Refuge/ Area of Rescue, Tulsa, OK
  • Video Monitoring, Tulsa, OK
  • IP Based Alarm Communication, Tulsa, OK
  • Phone-Based Alarm Communication, Tulsa, OK
  • Wireless Alarm Communications & Interactive Services, Tulsa, OK
  • Internet/ Telephone Services, Tulsa, OK

If you require these services, contact Monitoring America Alarm Co-Op today:

Company Name: Monitoring America Alarm Co-Op

Owner: Jason Campbell

Phone: (918)622-4357

Email: accounting@monitoringamerica.com

Website: monitoringamerica.com

Business Address: 3025 South 116th East Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74129