Blackwood Real Estate is the Best Fredericksburg Commercial Realtor.

Blackwood Real Estate is a Fredericksburg commercial realtor business owned and operated by David Blackwood. This company serves clients all throughout Northern Virginia in helping them buy, sell, build, and manage their commercial property. The team at Blackwood Real Estate has years of experience and knowledge working in the commercial real estate industry, and they can help you find the perfect business space for your next investment.

Having a commercial realtor on your team can save you from alot of hassle. They know the local markets and trends, which will give you the upper hand in finding a business location that will thrive. Commercial realty is different from residential realty in that the public may not know of every property for sale. A commercial realtor will be able to get you a list of properties for sale, and not just found on the internet.

If you are someone who is more interested in building a commercial property rather than buying, Blackwood Real Estate provides development consulting services to ensure that your future building will be income-producing and fit with the growing trends. With a team that has worked in all areas of the commercial real estate industry, you will get insight into many things that can benefit your business.

Areas of Focus

Blackwood Real Estate provides a wide range of solutions for those who want to invest in a commercial property. Buying a commercial property is different than buying a house in that you need to find a property that is going to be able to produce money and make a profit. You can invest in some risk management by hiring a commercial realtor to help guide you through the process. Here are some of the services that Blackwood Real Estate provides:

  • Commercial Brokerage
  • Site Acquisitions
  • Leasing¬†
  • Commercial Management
  • Residential Management
  • Developing Consulting


If you need an experienced hand to help you enter into the world of commercial real estate, contact Blackwood Real Estate today. Their team will work to find you a property that meets all your business needs while also serving the surrounding community and your target audience.

Business Information

Blackwood Real Estate

10950 Pierson Drive, Suite 600 Fredricksburg, VA 22408