Cave City boys, Pocahontas girls among teams to advance

Photo by John Krueger.

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Tyler Scott, Assistant Director of Sports Information

BATESVILLE, Ark. – The fourth day of the Lyon College/Mark Martin Automotive High School Tournament took place on Friday with championship semifinal games inside James C. Becknell Gymnasium at Lyon College, along with consolation semifinal games taking place at Southside High School.


Lyon College hosted four total games on Friday with the first game being played between the Mountain View girls’ team and Southside girls’ squad. Mountain View was able to run past Southside with a 56-39 win.

The next game was between the Southside boys’ squad and Mountain View boys’ where Southside defeated Mountain View 63-38.

The third game of the night was between the Pocahontas girls’ team and Highland girls’ team, where Pocahontas defeated Highland 56-32. In the nightcap the Cave City boys’ defeated the Pocahontas boys’ 63-51.


Southside High School also hosted four games where the first game matched the Salem girls’ against the Calico Rock girls’ team. Calico Rock pulled out a one-point victory to defeat the Lady Greyhounds, 50-49.

The next game featured the Viola boys’ against the Highland boys’ squad where Highland ran past Viola, 39-22.

The third game had the Izard County girls’ square off against the Cave City girls’ where Izard County won 69-52. In the nightcap, the Izard County boys’ faced off against the Bald Knob boys’ team, resulting in a 67-50 win for Izard County.

The tournament concludes on Saturday with the championship games being played at Lyon College. The consolation championship games will be played first on both the girls and boys side, followed by the boys’ and girls’ tournament championship matchups in the evening. All the action begins at 3:30 p.m.



Southside controlled the tempo throughout the game against Mountain View, as they were able to pull out a decisive 63-38 victory.

The Southerners were led by Christian Reyes who poured in 15 points. Will Sitkowski added 14 points and Grant Patterson and Trystan Alcorn had 10 points apiece.

Mountain View’s top scorer was JR Anderson who had 10 points. Evan Isbell pitched in nine points.

Southside advances to the championship game on Saturday at Lyon, which will be played at 8 p.m.


Cave City won the nightcap at Lyon College by a score of 63-51 over Pocahontas. The Cavemen fended off a late comeback by the Redskins to advance to the tournament championship.

Matt Miller led Cave City with 19 points, while Blaine Bacon had 18 points. Joe Patterson added 14 points in the victory.

Pocahontas was led by Clayton Hale’s 25 points, while Jaiden Young had eight points.

Cave City will play Southside in the tournament championship at Lyon on Saturday, at 8 p.m.


Highland held Viola to 8 points in the first half, before sprinting to a 39-22 decision over the Longhorns at Southside High School.

Preston Gurley led the Rebels with 12 points, while Tristan Hudson had eight points.

Alex Waltrip led Viola with 12 points and Jon Martin had four points.

Highland advances to the consolation championship against on Saturday at Lyon. Tipoff is scheduled for 5 p.m.


Izard County defeated Bald Knob in the final game at Southside High School on Friday night, 67-50.

Justus Cooper had 31 points to lead Izard County, while Taylor Reynolds had 21 points. Tanner Brooks also added six points.

Bald Knob was led by Tanner Meachum who had 16 points. Dylan Bradley had 11 points and Lucas Feagin pitched in eight points.

Izard County advances to the consolation championship against Highland on Saturday at Lyon College. Tipoff is scheduled for 5 p.m.



Mountain View defeated Southside in the first game of the day at Lyon College, 56-39. The Lady Yellow Jackets stifled the Lady Southerners, and outscored them 30-19 in the second half.

Mountain View’s leading scorer was Kaley Shipman as she posted 24 points. Montana Lane added nine points, while Cheyenne Shelton and Rhiannon Storey had six points.

Southside was led by Reese Gardener’s 20 points. Kassidy Barnt added seven points and Kessie Jenkins had six points.

Mountain View advances to the championship game on Saturday against Pocahontas, which will be played at Lyon College at 6:30 p.m.


Pocahontas rolled to a 56-32 win over Highland in the third game of the night at Lyon College. The Lady Redskins held a 15 point lead at halftime, before pulling out the victory.

Kristen Wiseman led Pocahontas with 15 points, while Ashlyn Ellis added 13 points. Makayla Kirk also chipped in 12 points.

Highland was led by Kelsey Abney’s 13 points, while Alexis Moore added seven points and Ashlynn Bratcher had five.

Pocahontas advances to the tournament championship game against Mountain View on Saturday at Lyon, at 6:30 p.m.


Calico Rock and Salem went down to the wire in the first game of the day at Southside High School. With the game tied at 48 and 13 seconds left, Calico Rock was able to score two of the games’ final three points to advance.

The Lady Pirates were led by Kallie Fry’s 15 points. Josie McGowan added 12 points and Kenlee Killien had 11 points.

Kaylea Walling had 19 points to lead the Lady Greyhounds, while Quincy Humphries and Madison Sellars pitched in nine points each.

Calico Rock advances to the consolation championship game against Izard County, which will be play at Lyon on Saturday at 3:30 p.m.


Izard County defeated Cave City 69-52 at Southside High School, to advance to the consolation championship game. Izard County led 36-25 at halftime before rolling to the victory.

Jen King had 18 points to lead Izard County, while Sam King had 15 points. Kennedy Cooper had 11 points.

Cave City was led by Macy Jo Moody who had 20 points, while Hailey Stigall had 14. Michelle Upton also pitched in nine points.

Izard County will now face Calico Rock on Saturday in the consolation championship game at 3:30 p.m.


MONDAY, DEC. 5 (Games at Lyon College)
Game 1: (BOYS) Bald Knob defeated Salem, 59-55
Game 2: (GIRLS) Salem defeated Cedar Ridge, 54-23 PHOTO GALLERY
Game 3: (BOYS) Calico Rock defeated Cedar Ridge, 54-42 PHOTO GALLERY
Game 4: (BOYS) Highland defeated Viola, 53-40  

WEDNESDAY, DEC. 7 (Games at Lyon College)
Game 5: (BOYS) Pocahontas defeated Izard County, 43-39
Game 6: (GIRLS) Mountain View defeated Calico Rock, 48-25
Game 7: (BOYS) Mountain View defeated Calico Rock, 34-30
Game 8: (GIRLS) Southside defeated Izard County, 57-41 PHOTO GALLERY
Game 9: (BOYS) Southside defeated Highland, 65-26 PHOTO GALLERY 

THURSDAY, DEC. 8 (Games at Lyon College)
Game 10: (GIRLS) Calico Rock defeated Cedar Ridge, 54-28
Game 11: (GIRLS) Pocahontas defeated Salem, 57-30
Game 12: (BOYS) Cave City defeated Bald Knob, 61-26 PHOTO GALLERY
Game 13: (GIRLS) Highland defeated Cave City, 59-47 PHOTO GALLERY

THURSDAY, DEC. 8 (Games at Southside High School)
Game 14: (BOYS) Viola defeated Cedar Ridge, 50-48
Game 15: (BOYS) Highland defeated Salem, 44-43
Game 16: (BOYS) Izard County defeated Calico Rock, 64-39 

FRIDAY, DEC. 9 (Games at Lyon College)
Game 17: (GIRLS) Mountain View defeated Southside, 56-39
Game 18: (BOYS) Southside defeated Mountain View, 63-38
Game 19: (GIRLS) Pocahontas defeated Highland, 56-32 PHOTO GALLERY
Game 20: (BOYS) Cave City defeated Pocahontas, 63-51 PHOTO GALLERY 

FRIDAY, DEC. 9 (Games at Southside High School)
Game 21: (GIRLS) Calico Rock defeated Salem, 50-49
Game 22: (BOYS) Highland defeated Viola, 39-22
Game 23: (GIRLS) Izard County defeated Cave City, 69-52
Game 24: (BOYS) Izard County defeated Bald Knob, 67-50 

(Games at Lyon College)
Consolation Championships
Game 25: (GIRLS) Calico Rock vs. Izard County, 3:30 p.m.
Game 26: (BOYS) Highland vs. Izard County, 5 p.m.
Championship Games
Game 27: (GIRLS) Pocahontas vs. Mountain View, 6:30 p.m.
Game 28: (BOYS) Cave City vs. Southside, 8 p.m.

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