Cool Blue Capital Offers Unique Investment Opportunities

Cool Blue Capital, an investment firm located in Jenks, Oklahoma, was founded in 2019 by Brent Orr and Ryan Shay. Together, along with their team, they offer a wide variety of lucrative investment opportunities to their partners. By identifying and investing in unique business ventures, they find opportunities that align with the interests and priorities of each partner. At Cool Blue Capital, the primary focus for investments is on business start-ups as well as up-and-coming business opportunities. 

The team at Cool Blue Capital understands that the world of investing is oftentimes rather overwhelming for both newcomers and experienced investors alike. For this reason, they work to educate and guide their partners towards investments that will have minimal risk while offering great rewards. 

Cool Blue Capital continues to prioritize and pursue business connections that guide them towards success in their many investment endeavors. Keep reading to learn more about the many unique investment strategies used by the team at Cool Blue Capital.

Areas of Focus

Cool Blue Capital, a private Jenks investment firm, is a team of professional investment brokers and analysts. Listed below are just a few of their unique investment strategies:

  • Jenks Investment GroupStock Warrants
  • Private Equity Positions
  • Preferred Stock Investments
  • Unique Investment Opportunities
  • Convertible Notes Investments
  • Common Stock Investments
  • Stock Options
  • Other Forms of Investment

Learn More About Cool Blue Capital

You can learn more about Jenks investment firm, Cool Blue Capital, or become a partner in their unique investment endeavors, by using the information listed below.


Cool Blue Capital

100 S Riverfront Drive Suite 410 

Jenks, OK 74037


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