Golden Suns defeat Tigers twice to tie series

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Paul Smith, Associate Athletic Director

CONWAY – Megan Goodnight pitched all seven innings and gave up just one run in game one, and she added her fifth save of the season in game two, as the Arkansas Tech Golden Suns earned two wins over Ouachita on Sunday, 4-1 and 6-3.


  • Arkansas Tech (15-5, 6-2 GAC) is scheduled to host Henderson State in a four-game conference series next weekend. The series is set to begin with a doubleheader at 3 p.m. on Friday, March 9. Live video and statistics are available at


  1. Sydnie Henson (LF)
  2. Bailey Bunch (2B)
  3. Paige Mendoza (1B)
  4. Megan Goodnight (P)
  5. Makenzie Addis (C)
  6. Paty Loredo (3B)
  7. Gaby Vasquez (SS)
  8. Ashley Landry (DH)
  9. Ashton Sangster (CF)

Lacy Mann (RF)


  1. Kelly Powell (CF)
  2. Sloane Precure (3B)
  3. Sarah Johnson (C)
  4. Gabby Gonzalez (1B)
  5. Natalie Jackson (2B)
  6. Paige Purifoy (LF)
  7. Halley Ryburn (DH)
  8. Tobi Finley (RF)
  9. Madison Crosby (SS)

Lexi Brooks (P)


  • Tech 5th – A. Sangster singled to center field, RBI, advanced to third on the throw; G. Vasquez scored. (Tech 1, OBU 0)
  • OBU 6th – Tobi Finley doubled down the lf line, RBI; H. Ryburn scored. (Tech 1, OBU 1)
  • Tech 7th – A. Sangster reached on an error by 3b, RBI; G. Vasquez scored, unearned. (Tech 2, OBU 1)
  • Tech 7th – S. Henson singled, RBI, advanced to second on the throw; A. Sangster scored, unearned. (Tech 3, OBU 1)
  • Tech 7th – B. Bunch doubled down the lf line, RBI; S. Henson scored, unearned. (Tech 4, OBU 1)


  • Winning Pitcher – Megan Goodnight (4-0)
  • Losing Pitcher – Lexi Brooks (0-1)


  • Arkansas Tech scored the first run of the contest in the fifth inning, but Ouachita answered the very next inning on an RBI-double. In the final inning of the play, Tech scored three runs on three hits and one error to claim the victory.
  • Goodnight moved to 4-0 on the season with her first complete game of the year. She allowed just one run and struck out four.
  • Vasquez and Sangster led the Golden Suns with two hits each, while Vasquez scored a team-high two runs. Sangster also led all players with two runs batted in.


  1. Sydnie Henson (LF)
  2. Bailey Bunch (RF)
  3. Paige Mendoza (3B)
  4. Megan Goodnight (1B)
  5. Paty Loredo (DH)
  6. Gaby Vasquez (2B)
  7. Janie Knowles (C)
  8. Sarah Coronado (SS)
  9. Ashton Sangster (CF)

Bailey Shaffer (P)


  1. Kelly Powell (CF)
  2. Sloane Precure (C)
  3. Sarah Johnson (DH)
  4. Gabby Gonzalez (1B)
  5. Natalie Jackson (2B)
  6. Tobi Finley (RF)
  7. Samantha Ortiz (3B)
  8. Paige Purifoy (LF)
  9. Madison Crosby (SS)

Sarah Chamberlain (P)


  • OBU 1st – G. Gonzalez reached on an error by ss, RBI; Kelly Powell scored, unearned (OBU 1, Tech 0)
  • Tech 4th – G. Vasquez doubled, RBI; P. Loredo scored, unearned. (OBU 1, Tech 1)
  • Tech 7th – H. Womack singled up the middle, RBI, advanced to second on the throw; A. Sangster advanced to third; S. Coronado scored; A. Boulanger scored. (Tech 3, OBU 1)
  • Tech 7th – P. Mendoza singled to right field, RBI, advanced to second on the throw; A. Landry scored; A. Sangster scored. (Tech 5, OBU 1)
  • Tech 7th – P. Loredo doubled to right center, RBI; A. Maeder scored. (Tech 6, OBU 1)
  • OBU 7th – G. Gonzalez hit by pitch, RBI; S. Johnson advanced to second; S. Precure advanced to third; Kelly Powell scored, unearned. (Tech 6, OBU 2)
  • OBU 7th – N. Jackson singled down the lf line, RBI; G. Gonzalez advanced to second; S. Johnson advanced to third; S. Precure scored, unearned. (Tech 6, OBU 3)


  • Winning Pitcher – Bailey Shaffer (5-1)
  • Save – Megan Goodnight (5)
  • Losing Pitcher – Sarah Chamberlain (5-3)


  • With the victories, Arkansas Tech moves into a tie for second place in the Great American Conference standings. The four-game series against Ouachita closes with both teams winning two games.
  • The score was once again tied, 1-1, heading into the final inning of play, and Arkansas Tech took the lead in the seventh inning for the second time today.
  • With two outs and the bases loaded for Ouachita in the bottom of the seventh, Goodnight stepped in the circle and forced a groundball to end the game and record her team-high fifth save of the season.
  • Seven different Golden Suns recorded a hit in the win, while Loredo and Knowles each recorded two hits to lead Tech’s offense.
  • Shaffer pitched 6.2 innings in her first start of the season, allowing three unearned runs and striking out three batters.

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