Have Your Tulsa Property Inspected by OklaHome Inspections

If you need your Tulsa property inspected, then look no further than OklaHome Inspections. At OklaHome Inspections, we help you find out if your next house has any major problems before purchasing it! We work hard to ensure both buyers and sellers are happy with their home inspection experience as our expert inspectors will go over their findings with both parties, emailing updates about anything unusual found on site or that needs attention immediately. We’re here to make sure nothing stands between a buyer/seller relationship – which means no surprises when closing day comes around. We have been in this industry 35 years+, providing honest descriptions of properties all across Oklahoma where customers can feel confident knowing they’ll get top notch service from trained and experienced professionals who care deeply about giving peace of mind during crucial buying decisions.

Areas of Focus

With decades of experience and skilled and trained inspectors, OklaHome Inspections is able to offer a range of home inspection services to make sure your home is in buying or selling condition. These services include:

Mold Testing

Radon Testing

-Asbestos and Lead Paint Testing

-Floor Duct Video Inspections

-Meth Testing

-Sewer Camera Inspections

-Commercial Roof Infrared Scans


OklaHome Inspections Contact Information

Contact OklaHome Inspections today for a quality home inspection that will leave you feeling confident in buying or selling your home. We will work hard to make sure any potental issues within your home are inspected and addressed.

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