Proprty Arts Inc. is Tulsa’s Best Bardomunium Architect!

Building a bardominium is no small feat and not something that just any builder has the ability to accomplish. Property Arts Inc. is Tulsa’s best barndominium architect and has been so since 1978. We have experienced staff in all areas of the architeture realm giving us the opportunity to specialize in just about every category. Bardominium style housing and offices have become increasingly popular due to their efficiency and Property Arts can make the building process just as smooth. Property Arts Inc. specializes in cutting edge architecture, design and construction of all kinds from homes to business. We have experience building apartment buildings, custom homes, educational buildings, religious buildings, storm shelters and office buildings. If you need it, we can build it. If you’re in the Tulsa area and need a bardominium built, or anything else for that matter, give Property Arts Inc a call. 

Areas of Focus

With over 125 years of experience in projects from small interior remodels to commercial buildings and everythingin between, Property Arts Inc. has the ability to complete any project. We have the staff and the knowledge needed to make any building of any kind. Here are a few other services we offer. 

Comercial and Residential Design

New Commercial and Residential Construction

Existing Commercial and Residential Expansion/Addition Services

Commercial and Residential Renovation Services

Commercial and Residential Remodel Services

Commercial Tenant Flush-Out Services

Construction Oversight Services

Bidding and Contractor Selection Services

Design and Construction Documents

Preliminary Design Services

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