Is All Sin Equal? Soul Choice Ministries has the Answer!Soul Choice Ministries

Soul Choice Ministries wants to answer the question, “is all sin equal?” They’re here to help people navigate the hard questions in life while encouraging them in their faith. This full-time ministry strives to deliver the whole truth about hell, redirect people who are headed there, and wake up complacent Christians. Soul Choice Ministries’ founders use their platform to share God’s love in a unique way with the world.

Bill and Annette Wiese founded Soul Choice Ministries in 2000 with the purpose of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Bill has written a New York Times Best Selling Book, 23 Minutes in Hell, which has been translated into 15 other languages within the past 15 years. With its focus on hell’s reality, Soul Choice Ministries tackles many uncomfortable topics in its discussions. Visit their Facebook page for more information on their ministries! You can also read more about their answer to this crucial question on their website.

Areas of Focus

Here is a list of books and services provided by Soul Choice Ministries:

  • Books
    • 23 Minutes in Hell
    • Hell: Separate Truth From Fiction
    • 23 Questions About Hell
    • Recession-Proof Living
    • What Happens When I Die?
  • Services
    • Informational CDs and DVDs
    • Speaking Engagements (Conferences and Church Events)
    • Educations Blog
    • Ministry Products

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