Sponsor Soul Choice Ministries

Soul Choice Ministries is a Christian ministry that was started by Bill and Annette Wiese. The ministry is dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. In 1998, Bill had an out of body experience where God chose to take him to see and experience hell. He wrote the book, “23 Minutes In Hell,” in 2005 after he was approached by Charisma House.

Questions About Life After Death They Address: 

Bill Wiese, 23 Minutes In Hell

On Bill’s official website he addresses a number of different topics concerning life after death. Here are just a few of those topics:

Does God Predestine People To Hell?

How Do I Know I’m Saved?

23 Minutes In Hell

Is All Sin Equal?

Is Hell Eternal? 

Is Hell Real? 


Today, Bill Wiese continues to share his experience in the hopes that people will learn the truth about what awaits us in the afterlife and choose to spend eternity with God by accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

To learn more about Bill Wiese, Soul Choice Ministries, and Bill’s Book, 23 Minutes in Hell, you can visit his official website here.