The Criminal Record Eraser is the Best Oklahoma Expungement Lawyer!Expungement Lawyer

The Criminal Record Eraser has the best Oklahoma expungement lawyers! They’re on your side and offer the lowest price in all of Oklahoma! Aaron Bruner and Michael Whiting, the two expungement lawyers at The Criminal Record Eraser, want to provide the necessary resources and tools for you to get back on the path of success in your financial, social, personal, and spiritual life.

When you work with them, you’ll be able to check your eligibility, meet a lawyer who will help you throughout the expungement process, and petition for the expungement of records. They offer a flat fee of $1,000.00 for the entire process, which is the lowest price in all of Oklahoma! They’d love the opportunity to fight for you to help give you not only a second chance. Click here to read more about why they’re the best Oklahoma expungement lawyers and how they can help.

Areas of Focus

The Criminal Record Eraser team is passionate about fighting for you and your record. They’ll help you:

  • Check Your Eligibility
    • They’ll first verify your eligibility by analyzing your criminal history record.
  • Meet Your Attorney
    • Once verified, you’ll meet with an attorney who will walk you through the details of the expungement process and complete a representation agreement.
  • Petition for the Expungement of Record
    • Lastly, they’ll help you begin the process of filing a petition for the expungement of your records.

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