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Are you in need of a Tulsa emergency dentist visit? Have you had a loose adult tooth, a chipped tooth, a swollen jaw or any severe mouth-related injuries? If so, you need a dentist that can incorporate you quickly into their schedule and care for your problem. Magnolia Family Dental Care is a Tulsa dentist that is known for its quick emergency dental care.

Magnolia Family Dental Care is not only about treating oral issues but also educating their clients about how to better care for their teeth. They pride themselves on client care and helping their clients understand the importance of caring for your teeth.

Areas of Focus

This Tulsa emergency dentist is known for their professionalism and the comfortable and caring atmosphere they create for their clients. They specialize in a number of oral care techniques, from fillings and extractions to periodontal therapy and oral cancer screenings.

Here’s a list of the areas Magnolia Family Dental Care focuses on:


If you need to see a Tulsa emergency dentist, call Magnolia Family Dental Care today! (918) 492-3771


Magnolia Family Dental Care

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