HBI Global Partners is Reaching Unreached People Groups in India.

There are over 1.3 billion people in India, a large number of which remain unreached when it comes to the Good News of Jesus Christ. Living in America, and can seem almost impossible that there are people in the world who have never even heard of the name Jesus before. HBI Global Partners is a Christian organization reaching unreached people groups in India through a number of strategies.

The founder of HBI Global Partners, Dr. Paul Gupta, had a vision to reach India for Christ. Growing up in India, Dr. Gupta went through much persecution for his Christian beliefs, but this just gave him more compassion and love for the people of his country. He knew that Jesus died for them and wanted them to experience the eternal life God meant for them. Today, the legacy of HBI Global Partners continues.

Areas of Focus

HBI Global Partners is able to reach unreached people groups in India through some successful strategies they have developed over time. They have realized that the most effective way to reach the people of India is through other Indians. People are able to connect on a different level with someone who speaks their language, knows their culture, and identifies the same way better than a foreigner that they have never encountered before.

One of the most effective strategies that HBI Global Partners has is developing and training Indian leaders who will then go back into their communities and villages to share the Word of God. It is through this strategy that many people of India have come to know of Jesus.

Here is a list of other areas of focus HBI Global Partners provides:

  • Church Planting
  • Crisis Relief
  • Children At-Risk
  • Leadership Development
  • Wellness & Health Camps


If you’d like to get involved reaching India for Christ, contact HBI Global Partners today.

Business Information

HBI Global Partners

P.O. Box 3037 Broken Arrow, OK 74013

(877) 424-4634


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