Learn About Vernon Twyman of Ventures 700

Ventures 7000As the CEO of Ventures 7000, Vernon Twyman possesses many qualities that make him a perfect fit for the position. Vernon Twyman has a rare combination of skills that lend themselves to this role. His business acumen, philanthropic heart, and deep belief in God, combined with his long-term association with the Philippines make him an ideal candidate to head Ventures 7000’s efforts there.

Vernon Twyman’s vision for philanthropy, which is based on his deeply held conviction that generosity should be at the heart of one’s Christian faith has been refined through years of close interaction with nonprofit organizations and NGOs.

Keep reading to learn more about Vernon Twyman and his role within Ventures 7000.

Areas of Focus

Vernon Twyman of Ventures 7000, has held countless roles during his time in the workforce. Throughout his life, he has maintained a dedication to assisting ministries and nonprofits. Ventures 7000 is the culmination of the skills he has acquired throughout his lifetime.

Vernon Twyman’s professional career includes many fascinating roles include:


  • Started his first business at age 14
  • Graduated from Oral Roberts University
  • Working in the insurance industry
  • Worked as a financial planner
  • Founded BeneFund
  • Launched the Wycliffe Trust
  • Founded Ventures 7000


Through this journey, Vernon Twyman has gained many skills that contribute to the current and future success of Ventures 7000.

Learn More About Ventures 7000

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Ventures 7000

7707 E 111th St STE 103

Tulsa, OK 74133

(918) 557-7102


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