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Who is Vernon Twyman? He is an American citizen living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is the CEO and President of Ventures 7000, Inc. For over five decades, he has been a resident of and professionally employed in the Philippines.

Vernon has been at the helm of successful business ventures since 1972. His knowledge and expertise are unrivaled, with a degree in Business Administration and Finance from the University of Tulsa to back him up. Moreover, he has studied extensively across three continents: Asia, Europe, and North America!

With enthusiasm for business, Vernon created Ventures 7000, Inc., a venture development firm that works with budding start-ups in multiple sectors. Ventures 7000 aids entrepreneurs on their path to developing and launching successful businesses by providing insightful market research and consulting services.

How Does Vernon Twyman Help?

Vernon Twyman is the genius behind Ventures 7000, a company specializing in uncovering hidden treasures found throughout the Philippines. The country’s government has granted only a select few companies permission to legally execute such tasks – and thankfully, Ventures 7000 stands at the top of that list. For years now, Vernon has ventured through isolated regions of the Philippines with one goal: to locate forgotten coins and artifacts still lying dormant beneath the earth’s surface; consequently, he can be credited as an expert in uncovering potential gems long neglected by time itself.

Vernon Twyman is passionate about promoting growth in the Philippines and does so through his company by supplying local businesses with access to resources for success. Vern has been a powerful force of good, offering assistance to victims of disasters and backing charities.  His focus is on education and medical assistance; thus enabling him to help numerous people and organizations alike.

Learn More About Vernon Twyman And Ventures 7000

To find out further information about this special venture, you can find their contact details below:

Address: 7707 E 111th St Ste 103 Tulsa, OK 74133

Phone #: (539) 777-1335