Elite Home Pest Services is the Best Sperry Pest Control Company

A home or business infested with insects and other pests can be a hazard to the occupants, employees, and customers. By investing in regular pest control services, you can keep your property free from pests and other creepy crawlies. If you’re looking for a trustworthy and professional Sperry pest control company, contact Elite Home Pest Services today.

Owned and operated by Roger Tomlinson, Elite Home Pest Services provides pest control to the larger Tulsa metropolitan area. With knowledge of many different pests and treatments, Elite Home is able to properly take care of your property by ridding pests and preventing infestations.

The team at Elite Home Pest Services has over 30 years of shared experience treating properties. The team can effectively find and diagnose infestations in the home, then provide effective treatments. Lastly, you can set up reocurring services to ensure that pests stay away. The team will keep you informed every step of the way.

Areas of Focus

Elite Home Pest Services is your premier Sperry pest control company. There are many different pests out there that can decide to live on your property. Each pest can cause specific damage and hazards to your family or employees. Elite Home will do a free inspection of your property to identify the pest and properly treat the area. Here is a list of services that Elite Home Pest Services provides:

  • Residential Pest Inspections
  • Commercial Pest Inspections
  • Pest Control Treatments
  • Pest Management
  • Lawn Services


Keep your property healthy and safe; invest in pest control services today. Whether you need a pest inspection done on your new home or you own a business space that needs regular pest treatments, contact Elite Home Pest Services today for more information.

Business Information

Elite Home Pest Services

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